Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages can register for this class?

According to mental health specialists, and brain development studies, we highly recommend parents wait until their student is 11 years old before receiving their first phone, but more preferably age 14. Therefore, we currently offer our class for ages 10-15, geared towards students who have not had their phone yet, or are new to using a phone. Soon, we will offer two versions of this class: one for ages 10-14, and one for ages 15-18, diving into some of the age specific materials as needed. (Adult classes will be coming in the future)

Who is teaching these classes?

We have highly trained and qualified youth leaders, social workers, church ministers and licensed teachers who comprise our team of instructors. Our team has designed this course alongside parents, teenagers, and mobile device technology experts with extensive research in the youth development field.

When/Where is this class held?

Cell Phone Permit classes can be held at approved host sites or at the Cell Phone Permit Maple Grove location. Host sites are approved by the Cell Phone Permit Administrator upon host organization review and brief interview. Refer to the registration page for when and where classes will be held.
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