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Cell Phone Permit

Cell Phone Permit is here to demonstrate healthy digital citizenship which promotes anti-addictive behavior, understanding of helpful vs harmful online practice, and adherence to high standards when conducting yourself on mobile devices.

This is a special 8 hour online course designed for teenagers who have never had a cell phone yet, or are new to using cell phones. We provide specialized training on how to handle mobile devices, and avoid some of the pitfalls that many students fall into when using phones.

We will be covering a variety of important topics including but not limited to:

  • How to not get addicted to your cell phone.
  • Protecting your mental health
  • The long lasting effect of what you post and send.
  • Potential legal consequences of certain negative uses of cell phones.
  • Healthy social media usage.
  • How to overcome cyber bullying.
  • How to identify and deal with hate speech.
  • Not letting technology disconnect you from meaningful relationships.
  • The addictiveness of gaming and where to draw the line.
  • Consequences of using your cell phone inappropriately.
  • Overcoming social-media/text anxiety.
  • Managing screen usage.
  • How to make smart decisions when online censorship is lacking.
  • Protecting yourself from the harms of texting and driving.

Saving Their Tomorrow

We also include a parent participation portion to learn how to effectively monitor your teenagers cell phone behaviors that help cultivate the right approaches to adulthood. We encourage parents to require their students to take this course before their first cell phone, so that they can be equipped to take on this very heavy responsibility of having a phone. If your student already has a phone, we recommend limiting or discontinuing their usage until they have completed this course, as they will become better prepared to handle this privilege.

At the end of this course, upon the completion and passing of our final exam measuring the competence and understanding of all our curriculum, a student will be awarded a Cell Phone Permit. They will be encouraged to maintain a Student/Parent Trust Contract for terms on which they will be allowed by their parents to have and use a cell phone under supervision.

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