John C Maxwell

World’s #1 Leadership Guru
"One of the greatest things you can do for your children is to instill the values that will lead to success. I highly recommend Cell Phone Permit as a tool that every parent and teacher should have in their toolbox. It is our responsibility to lead the next generation."

Nathan Yancy

Dean of Academics & Career Counseling
Maranatha Christian Academy
"As a high school administrator for the past 10 years and a parent to a preteen, I've seen firsthand what our teenagers are facing today. Sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, bullying, etc. All having ties to a single device called a cell phone. For too long we've been reactive and not proactive as parents and educators in equipping and properly preparing students and ourselves as parents, for what we are giving our kids access to and for who/what will have access to them. The Cell Phone Permit class gave my family the tools and a plan to help our daughter be safe and how to responsibly use her cell phone. I highly recommend this class. It's no longer just the responsibility of parents. It's time for us as educators to be intentional about this issue."

Justine Larson

Homeschool Mother of 3
"As a parent, I loved how intentional this course is!! The super practical tools for both parents and kids are a game changer, an essential blueprint for building healthy habits. I can tell you this course eliminates many potential arguments because it puts families together on the same page so well. I’m thankful that it even made me evaluate my own phone usage with a different lens."
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